Pritzker says he has ‘no intention of running for anything except re-election as governor’

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During a legislation signing Tuesday, Pritzker cleared up reports that say he has spoke to people about running for president.

CHICAGO — Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation Tuesday that legalizes licensing and certifying midwives in Illinois — while also clearing up reports that say he has spoke to people about possibly running for president.

This bill signed into law formally recognizes and licenses midwives, people trained to assist women in childbirth.

This bill gives women choices in maternal care. Supporters of this legislation have been pushing for this since the mid-1980s.

Illinois does not currently recognize certified midwives. Midwives require a nursing degree. But now a licensed midwife can deliver babies and provide prenatal and postnatal care. 

“Reproductive health is not one size fits all. Whether it’s an expecting mother with a preexisting condition or a woman looking for culturally informed care, these deeply personal needs and procedures require comprehensive options. That includes the services of traditional midwives whose guidance before and during delivery as well as for vital postpartum care can be lifesaving,” Pritzker said at the bill signing.

Over the weekend the New York Times published an article discussing possible Democrats who might run for president if Joe Biden does not seek a second term. Pritzker’s name was mentioned.

On Tuesday, in every way imaginable, the governor denied he’s talked to anyone about running for president. 

“I have never spoken privately with anybody or publicly about that. I have no intention of running for anything except re-election as Governor. Of course, people have mentioned this to me on occasion but I’ve never had a conversation with anybody about it. I am focused on this job. I love this job. I really love the job of being governor and I’m going to continue doing it as long as I can,” Pritzker said.

The Democratic primary for Illinois governor is in June followed by the general election in November. 

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