CHICAGO — Homeowners in Pilsen voiced their frustrations to the Cook County Assessor’s Office over property tax bills which they said were 2-3 times higher than expected.

“My property tax bill went from $3200 to $11,100,” said Pat Gonzales.

So many homeowners, like Gonzales, have been affected by sky-high property tax hikes like hers, that when it came time for a meeting with the Cook County Assessor at Benito Juarez High School, it was standing room only.

“We don’t think the system is fair,” said Cook County assessor Fritz Kaegi. “We’ve dedicated our careers to trying to change it, and we feel that sense of injustice too.”

Kaegi said he would travel with Pilsen homeowners to Springfield to try and work on changes at the state level he said could alleviate some of the burden families from Pilsen are experiencing.

In the meantime, Kaegi’s office is holding workshops this month to try to help people sort through their bills to see if there are errors that can be fixed.