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CHICAGO — A dozen vehicles were damaged Saturday after a party bus rammed into them along North Side streets.

According to police, the bus was traveling southbound in the 3500 block of North Broadway around 3 p.m. when it sideswiped approximately 13 vehicles, the majority of which were parked and unattended.

The 45-year-old driver continued driving erratically down Broadway way then turned on Addison.

The bus eventually stopped near Lakeshore Drive and the driver was taken into custody. Charges are pending.

No injuries reported.

On Sunday, Black Label Limos, the company that owns the bus, released a statements that said, in part, “We want to say first and foremost we are incredibly thankful that nobody was injured in this horrific accident. We are just as eager for any information regarding this situation, however unfortunately the Chicago PD has not released any more information to us, the owners, than what the media has. … At this time we have not been able to be in contact with the driver regarding the events that took place yesterday. … Late yesterday evening on one of the numerous phones calls made to the Chicago PD they finally informed us that the driver was not impaired however, they did not specify or elaborate how they made that determination. Unfortunately, at this time we have no further information.”