CHICAGO — Parishioners at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church celebrated Easter Sunday nearby despite a devastating fire that caused extensive damage to the historic church on Friday.

Sunday services were held nearby at Calahan Funeral Home near the corner of 71st Street and Halsted Street.

The church experienced a massive fire on Friday due to roof work being done with a propane torch that caused the flames.

“We wept on Friday, we wept last night,” Pastor Gerald Dew said. “Joy came this morning. We shared the resurrection of Jesus. That’s why we worship on Sunday.”

The church made Englewood its home in June of 1958 after being established in 1925.

Pastor Dew said he’s received calls of support from across the country after the fire, adding that the next steps may be uncertain. The pastor said he is sure of one thing – much like Resurrection Sunday, Antioch will rise as well.

“A new beginning,” Dew said. “New life, new hope, excitement the Lord even added new members. Amen.”