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CHICAGO — Police have arrested six people in connection to a rise of paintball attacks within the City of Chicago in the past 24 hours.

Chicago police said in the last 24 hours, officers in the 10th District arrested six people and seized five paintball guns and sacks of paintballs. Police believe could be connected to at least seven attacks in the city.

“Unfortunately, one of these weapons took someone’s eye yesterday,” said Deputy Chief Ernest Cato.

A downtown attack on glass workers Thursday night was the latest.

Police said glass workers at the VANS store at 39 South State Street were attacked by paintballs just after 10:30 p.m.

Other paintball attacks in the area were reported shortly after the attack.

Police said more than 200 paintball shootings have been reported across the city in September and October, more than five times the amount reported in the first eight months of the year.

“We’re gonna treat these paint guns like they’re regular guns,” Cato said. “Like they’re shooting real bullets.”

Right now, Cato said officers are working to link the arrests to other possible cases.

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