CHICAGO — Over 250 officers were sworn into the Chicago Police Department, slightly less than the last class graduate in June.

Among 83 percent of the graduates are people of color and 32 percent are women. As the new officers begin their work in the city, a constant issue they face is tackling crime.

Over the weekend, CPD reports that 24 people were shot and one person was killed.

Among the shootings is the incident that took place at the Chicago White Sox game Friday night, where two women were injured by bullets.

Mayor Brandon Johnson and interim superintendent Fred Waller gave a very brief statement on the incident but did not say much.

Waller also said the Chicago Police Department requested to have the game stopped initially when the injuries were reported, but the game kept going.

They said they did that when they ruled out an active shooter, they allow the game to continue on.

Mayor Johnson and superintendent Waller left after a few questions.