CHICAGO — One of the two brothers accused in the fatal shooting of Chicago police officer Ella French has pleaded guilty.

Eric Morgan, 25, pleaded guilty to several felonies in exchange for a seven-year prison sentence and his cooperation.

His attorney said he will not serve a full seven years due to time already served and will likely be out in about a year and a half.

Prosecutors said Eric’s brother, Emonte Morgan, who is also in his 20s, killed French and shot her partner Carlos Yanez in the summer of 2021.

When their SUV was pulled over in Englewood, Eric and another woman followed the officers’ orders, but prosecutors said Emonte refused to get out of the car and a struggle ensued.

Ella French’s mother was in court and shared heartwrenching testimony about her daughter. She addressed Eric directly and said she didn’t believe seven years was enough for what was taken from her.

“Eric Morgan is basically walking away with a slap on the wrist,” FOP President John Cantanzara said.

Eric’s attorney said the plea deal was a better choice than waiting for a trail.

“My client had already decided there was no sense in going to train in this matter,” Roger Brown, Eric’s attorney, said. “He felt the evidence would not be sufficient in finding him not guilty of the charges.”

Eric gave a statement and said if he could take back the day, he would. He shared his condolences to everyone impacted and went on to say he believed his brother was innocent.

“I found it egregious, this offender is not sympathetic at all to sit there and say that you are sorry for what happened and sorry for Ella’s death and then turn around and say but ‘I think my brother is innocent,’ is disgusting,” Catanzara said.

Brown decided to comment on his client’s remarks.

Emonte is accused of shooting both French and Yanez. French died from her wounds and Yanez was critically injured but recovered from his injuries.

Another officer returned fire hitting Emonte twice.

The brothers have been held in custody since their arrest and Emonte has been charged with murder and several additional felonies.

French was remembered as a rising star at her funeral who showed empathy and compassion while also enforcing the law.