Officials ask Gov. Pritzker to crack down on Indiana ‘gun pirates’

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CHICAGO – A press conference was held at the Illinois-Indiana border Saturday calling on the governor to crack down on so-called “gun pirates” from the Hoosier State.

State Rep. LaShawn Ford and Pastor Anthony Williams say Illinois crime is being fueled by Indiana’s guns.

“Innocent children are dying in the streets of Chicago,” Williams said. “Babies are dying in the streets of Chicago.”

State Rep. Ford is calling for a midwest compact among governors. Anytime a gun is sold to an Illinois resident out of state, Illinois would get an alert.

“The way the law is now, there is no communication between the border states,” Ford said.

Indiana is the primary source for approximately one out of every five crime guns recovered in Chicago, according to a University of Chicago crime lab report.

The report highlighted the city’s challenge when it comes to addressing illegal guns within a loosely-regulated national gun market.

It highlighted that gangs often know where it’s easiest to get guns.

“States with lax gun laws like Indiana and Mississippi are a primary target for gang members,” an excerpt reads.

While most guns used in Chicago crimes are sold in Illinois, a third can reportedly be traced to Indiana, Mississippi and Wisconsin.

“We believe that if Governor JB Pritzker led this midwest compact, calling on a database so that every state knows that there are guns being sold and being returned back to their state” Ford said. “We believe we could stop some of the illegal running and trafficking of guns.”

WGN reached out to the governor to see if he might be onboard with a plan like this. At this time, we have not heard back.


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