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EVANSTON, Ill. — Northwestern University has suspended all fraternity-related activities in the Interfraternity Council following reports that people were drugged without consent at on-campus housing.

According to a crime alert issued by the university, the college received a report that an individual was drugged without consent at a gathering Saturday night in the 2300 block of Sheridan Road.

The university adds that authorities continue to investigate separate incidents related to drugging allegations, which they received on Friday, Sept. 24. Individuals alleged they were drugged without consent while attending a gathering in the 500 block of Lincoln St.

Details remain limited but the university reiterated that on-campus fraternity and sorority housing are “alcohol-free spaces.”

“Effective immediately, there will be no social events or chapter-sponsored recruitment activities at Northwestern fraternities in the Interfraternity Council (IFC) until at least Oct. 17,” the alert read.

News of the disturbing allegations prompted Northwestern students to rally outside various fraternity houses Sunday night.

“Hey ho, hey ho, greek life has got to go,” the crowd shouted.

Among those protesting the alleged incidents on Sunday night was student Koji Taylor.

“I’m not out here to hate on frat boys. I’m here to hate on the frat system,” he said. “I think the system enables a lot of bad actors to do bad things and allows for systemic vulnerability amongst women who come out and want to party and want to have a good time and just want to enjoy themselves.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Northwestern University Police at 847-491-3456.