CHICAGO — A Northwest Side Alderman is sounding the alarm on concerns over low police staffing amid recent crimes in the area.

41st Ward Ald. Anthony Napolitano said there will only be eight officers patrolling the 16th district, which holds the largest area of any police district in the city.

“The beat patrol works but you have to have beat officers,” Napolitano said.

The fears have been heightened after a shootout between an off-duty CPD officer and would-be catalytic converter thieves early Thursday morning. No injuries were reported in that incident.

Napolitano said that high-profile smash-and-grab incidents near downtown in high-traffic areas have siphoned officers away from neighborhood districts.

Local business owners said the crime has shied away potential customers from nearby Park Ridge and Niles, while noticing an increase in residents looking to get away from the city.