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Christopher LeMark had an epiphany that lead to the idea of Lakeview’s ‘Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health’ while sitting in a coffee shop, of all places.

“I just started crying uncontrollably. I was having a breakdown,” LeMark said.

LeMark said he was listening to Meek Mill in a coffee shop when he had the epiphany of creating a safe place mentally to heal from trauma.

‘Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health’ is a tranquil place to read, relax, listen to music and get mental health help if needed.

LeMark said the location works to normalize therapy and getting help for mental health issues.

He began ‘Normalize Therapy University’, which has a scholarship program to provide mental health help to those who do not have insurance or are unable to pay for therapy, caused by systemic barriers that serve as major obstacles for many seeking mental health care.

If you’re not looking for therapy, come in anyways for a cup of coffee or bring your dog in for a treat.

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