CHICAGO — A sea turtle is celebrating 20 years of calling Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium home.

Back in 1998, a marine biologist rescued “Nickel” from the Gulf Coast after spotting the injured turtle struggling to stay afloat.

“Suffering from a deep gash to the rear of her shell from a motorboat propeller, (Nickel) was treated in a rehabilitation center in Florida, but extensive injuries resulted in permanent problems that resulted in her being unable to return to the ocean,” according to the Shedd website.

On April 23, 2003, Nickel arrived at the Shedd Aquarium where veterinarians found a nickel stuck in her esophagus during an X-ray. Thus, Nickel was named.

In the past 20 years, Nickel has become one of the Shedd Aquarium’s most iconic residents.