CHICAGO — The former location of Tavern on Rush in the Gold Coast is about to have a new tenant.

Per a news release sent out Thursday morning, The Bellevue is set to open late this Spring at 1031 North Rush Street in Chicago. Tavern on Rush closed its doors on October 26 of last year.

The restaurant, which will be open seven days a week, will serve contemporary American fare at lunch and dinner while also staying open for late-night cocktails.

To add a new look to the venue, The Bellevue will turn to the design firm of Knauer Incorporated to reimagine the two-floor space which will also add to its functionality. The first floor will have an increased bar area with an additional bar opening on the second floor. The upstairs will also feature an open kitchen along with views of the surrounding area.

A 100-seat sidewalk cafe will also be on the property as well, which was also a feature of the previous restaurant.

Tavern on Rush was open at that location for 25 years before closing this past fall because the landlord didn’t renew their lease, according to owner Phil Stefani. Originally, it was supposed to close on December 31, but a contractional issue forced its early closing in late October.

Crowds packed into the restaurant to say goodbye in the final weeks, and now they’ll get to do so at 1031 North Rush Street again this fall.