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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Sunday night’s tornados continue to have devastating impacts on families in the southwest suburbs as clean-up efforts continue.

Police and public utilities are trying to make sure it’s safe, but frankly the residents of Naperville are coming to terms with their new reality.

“I have gone though so many emotions in the past 24 hours I cant even tell you. Today we find out if our house can be lived in and I’m hoping for the best case scenario,” Katie Longpiper, storm victim.

For Longpiper, Monday was traumatic. Her neighbor’s house was completely destroyed, her husband is out of town, so she waited out the storm in the basement with his kids and mother while a 2X4 pierced a window directly beside them.

They say the hardest part isn’t just the storm, but feeling so vulnerable and exposed.

Feelings Tuesday are raw as people try to dig through the rubble and get back to normal.

The Chicago Dutch Lions soccer team decided to help clean up trees Tuesday morning, instead of going to practice. It’s the kind of community many of these victims say is helping make it all tolerable.

“To the people who have come out and helped, you’re angels. I have people right now putting up temporary fencing for me, just because,” Longpiper said.

The woman who lived next door was hospitalized Monday, but is doing much better Tuesday. She has some broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

The city of Naperville will be putting out more official information about the storm and the next steps Tuesday afternoon.

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