Mother of 20-year-old killed in Markham speaks out, calls on police to share information

Chicago News

MARKHAM, Ill. — While 20-year-old Brian Williams was found dead just over a week ago in Markham, his mother said Monday she hasn’t received much information from police about his death. So she’s reaching out publicly to ask for help. 

To those who knew and loved him, family members say Brian Williams was a funny guy, but his bright light was dimmed September 6 when he was found shot multiple times near 160th Street and St. Louis Avenue.

“He had so many jokes, he loved to sing, he loved to rap and Brian loved the ladies,” his mother Sonya Holloway said.

Gary Lewis Sr. mentored Williams for the past three years through the “Strong Futures” program at St. Sabina. Lewis founded the organization “I Am Dad 365” for young men like Brian who have trouble getting away from bad influences in the streets.

“This is the kid that came to church, not a kid out seeing trouble, he has multiple jobs,” Lewis said. “I think the trouble that he was having was just coming back to the peer pressure and not sticking to the program as far as his job was concerned.”

Now Brian’s mother is working to get justice for her only son, calling on people to speak up.

“I want justice for him, I want to help other families and I want to get these murderers off the streets before they kill someone else,” Holloway said.

Still, through all her hurt and pain she said she has hope.

“It hurts every day, it hurts every second, but I will not let the devil win, I will not let the murderers of my child think that they won, you have not defeated me because I am still smiling,” Holloway said.

A spokesman for Markham police also would not confirm any information about the case to WGN-TV Monday, only saying that new information is coming in rapidly.


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