Winter weather woes bring caving roofs, falling ice to Chicago

Chicago News
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CHICAGO – Despite the melting snow, caving roofs and falling ice still plague the Chicago region.

The latest incident occurred Monday, near 85th and Commercial, when two sections of a roof caved in around 6 a.m. While the building was vacant and no one was hurt, the property was a used car lot and an auto repair shop. Squatters have also been known to reside at the property.

In addition to roof collapses, snow and ice sliding off the glass panels yet another example of the elements taking their toll on the suburbs and city.

Marko Popovic is the proud owner of these solar roof panels at his Hoffman Estates home. After more snow and then rain late Sunday night it was followed by such a clatter that “the whole house shook like an earthquake…like a train coming by.”

The uptick in roof collapses prompted the Building Department to issue this reminder about the ice and snow and the hazards coming along with the rise in temperature

  • Post warning signs in areas where pedestrians will be walking under falling snow and ice 
  • Clear snow and ice from public sidewalks adjoining private property.
  • Clear ice and snow from walking surfaces on private property which is mandatory for commercial property 

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