Minimum wage increase, other new laws go into effect in Illinois

Chicago News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Several new laws go into effect Wednesday in Illinois.

The gas tax went up .7 cents under a new formula tying increases to the rate of inflation.

Illinois already banned distracted driving, but now your license can be revoked or suspended if distracted driving causes great bodily harm or worse.

All public schools in Illinois must teach students about contributions by LGBTQ leaders by the time they graduate eighth grade.

Minimum wage in Chicago has now increased to $14 an hour. Chicago workers will get $13.50 an hour if they are employed at a small business with only four to 20 employees. Businesses with 21 or more employees will get $14 an hour.

In Cook County, workers will get $13 an hour.

The minimum wage in Illinois will go up to $10 an hour. That’s the second increase at the state level this year.

Along with the raise, workers will also be entitled to know their work schedule 10 days in advance. Any changes to the scheduled would come with extra pay.

The minimum wage increase in Chicago will equal an extra $120 a month for those workers.

Labor groups are praising the moves, while business organizations are saying this may not be the right time to be forcing businesses to make these changes.


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