CHICAGO — The Olive Branch Mission is among the groups providing assistance to the migrants who arrived in Chicago from South and Central America. Currently, they’re housing about a dozen mothers and children.

The shelter started welcoming migrants since November and has seen more than a 100 of them walking through their doors.

The shelter director said once they arrive, they’re provided a room with a bed, clothing, food, and toiletries. Then within the days, the shelter director said they meet with a case manager and social worker to help them with the paperwork process of applying for government benefits.

The most recent group of migrants arrived about a week ago.

WGN spoke with a Venezuelan mother on Wednesday, who expressed the need for legal help, WIC, Medicare, and for her children to have the opportunity to go to school. She said she hasn’t received any of those benefits yet, but the shelter director said they’re working on getting them those essential services.

“It gets a little frustrating because it doesn’t happen overnight,” Katrina Coleman, Director of Olive Branch Mission.

A spokesperson with the Office of Emergency Management and Communication (OEMC) wrote:

“The City of Chicago continues to coordinate safe passage for all new arrivals. The City has been planning for an influx of new arrivals since given notice of the May 11 deadline. We are working with our partners to meet this increased need for shelter and urge the federal and state governments to support receiving cities.”

The shelter branch director said donations are always welcomed, especially undergarments right now and Spanish translators are needed to help better communication with the migrants.