CHICAGO — The migrant families say they are very thankful for the support they have received and are asking for stability — especially for the children.

“We’re just asking for help; We’ve been through so much. We came from warfare essentially and we’ve gone through so much to be able to stay here. from shelter to shelter and school to school,” one woman said.

Several asylum seekers and their children, speaking through an interpreter this morning, plead for help to be able to stay at the High Ridge YMCA. 

About 40 families from Venezuela have been here for about a month, and they thought they would be able to stay. They say the kids were welcomed with open arms at neighboring schools and that a summer program was set up for them. 

Wednesday night the families were told they are being moved to Daley College. 

Alderman Debra Silverstein said in a statement the city is making room for individuals who are sleeping at police stations. 

“We are calling on Silverstein, find additional shelter, these families need to stay, Jill Hallet, a parent at the Rogers Fine Art School.

The families said they were originally told the busses would be here at 9:00 Thursday morning to take them Daley college and was pushed back to 3:00 p.m.

Advocates say city officials have been meeting to discuss the plans and they are hoping they will reconsider.