CHICAGO — A Miami billionaire and real estate mogul donated around 600 pairs of shoes to 21 Boys and Girls Clubs across Chicago on Tuesday.

The charitable endeavor is all thanks to Miami billionaire and real estate mogul, Patrick Carroll, who says the organization is near and dear to his heart.

“I grew up in the boys and girls club system in Tampa, Florida,” Carroll said. “Played basketball and it was great escape for me. Met a lot of good friends and mentors so, it’s a great place a great organization.”

He started this sneaker giveaway in Tampa before he made stops in other cities like New York and Atlanta.

Carroll being a sneaker fan himself says he wants to give these kids a sense of dignity and confidence.

“I’m really excited because I don’t have a lot of school shoes and I basically only one pair so yeah and they’re not for gym,” 10-year-old Susan Rizo said.

The Chicago Bears mascot, Chance The Rapper, and other celebrities teamed up with Carroll to supply the shoes to the students on Tuesday.