CHICAGO — A meeting is planned for next week to discuss plans to temporarily house migrants at Wilbur Wright College.

This comes as more than 675 migrants are staying at Chicago police stations as of Friday morning.

People like Mr. Romero, who traveled to the United States from Colombia.

He said the trip took four months and at times, he traveled through the jungle and had to drink insect-filled water.

Romero is currently staying at the Chicago Police Department’s 12th District and said he has been for about a day. He said he feels safe being in a place with officers but is hoping to find a place where he can have a bed and get comfortable soon.

As of Wednesday, about 115 migrants were calling the 12th district their home.

Police sources confirm to WGN-TV a message was sent internally saying the station was over capacity and couldn’t handle any more asylum-seekers.

The memo also noted the deteriorating sanitary conditions and lack of toilet facilities, the sources said.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson visited the 12th district on his second day in office earlier this week.

“It is clear that police stations and respite centers, that’s not the goal,” Johnson said.

Early Friday morning, the Chicago Fire Department called an EMS Plan 1 and said they transported four sick migrants from the 16th district. It’s not exactly clear what their illnesses are.

As the city works to figure out the next steps to handle the housing crisis, 38th Ward Ald. Nicholas Sposato said he’s been told the city plans to temporarily house asylum-seekers from June 1 to August 1 at Wilbur Wright College.

“There’s nothing worse than ambushing the community with something and not letting them know what’s going on,” Sposato said.

He said the meeting is only for ward residents to hear about this, including the safety and exit plans, which he expects city leaders to elaborate more on.

“Hoping to not have a South Shore kind of meeting,” Sposato said. “Also worried about outsiders infiltrating the meeting and wreaking havoc one way or another. Either for or against.”

Sposator said he believes there will be opportunities for people to speak at the meeting and ask questions.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the theater at Wright College, 4300 North Narragansett.