CHICAGO — A variety of community groups who have been working with the new arrivals in finding them shelter, food and other necessities are denouncing the mayor’s latest migrant housing plan.

According to Mayor Johnson’s latest plan, the tents would be located in the Roseland neighborhood in the parking lot of a former Jewell Osco on 115th Street and Halsted Street.

The community attended Wednesday evening’s discussion on the mayor’s proposal of putting up tents for the newly arrived migrants.

Chicago’s 21st Ward Alderman Ronnie Mosely made clear on Wednesday that the plan to potentially bring a tent like city for migrants to his ward has not been decided and was simply a suggestion.

Immigrant rights leaders stood outside of city hall Wednesday afternoon denouncing the mayor’s proposal, which would place more than 1,000 asylum seekers and migrants who are currently being housed in police stations in large military grade tents.

“Mayor Brandon Johnson would you put your family in those tents? Would you sacrifice your family and if so, let’s get it. If you’re going to put your family in them then lets put these families in there too,” Little Village Community Council Baltazar Enriquez said.

Over the past year, more than 13,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Chicago.

The city’s shelters are currently at capacity and no end in sight for the arrivals. They claim, it would create deplorable conditions especially during the winter months.

“This is not the answer of herding them into a ‘tent city,'” United Giving Hope Pastor Julie Contreras said. “The cold will come soon and we know all too well the cold that exists here in the city of Chicago, the below zero weather that keeps us in our homes with heat, socks, and blankets. I don’t think there is a tent that can be created that can protect people from the elements.”