CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson delivered his first budget address Wednesday. It covered everything from filling the more than nearly $540 million budget shortfall to the growing cost of the migrant crisis.

The mayor has been warning for weeks this was going to be a challenging budget.

Johnson came into office with progressive goals — opening mental health clinics and pouring millions into programs for the homeless, and his treatment not trauma plan.

View the full PDF of the budget forecast here

Johnson wants to do this without raising property taxes and with some federal relief dollars ending.

While campaigning for mayor, Johnson proposed a number of revenue generating ideas, most included fees and taxes aimed at the wealthy.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Johnson recently hinted the elimination of 1,700 police vacancies. The nearly $540 million gap for next year, according to the Chicago Tribune report, is attributed to revenues dropping and expenditures growing by about 9% over this year’s budget.

The migrant crisis is also draining the city. So far, more that 18,000 migrants have been sent to the city, mostly from Texas. The cost of caring for the asylum seekers is expected to hit clost to 200 million next year.