CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson is joining other mayors in Washington D.C. Thursday to ask federal officials for help with the migrant crisis.

It’s happening a day after city council members showed division on purchasing land for a new shelter.

Johnson joined mayors from New York, Denver, Houston and Los Angeles to ask for financial assistance with handling migrant housing.

Since last year, Chicago has received more than 20,000 migrants from the Texas border — and opened 24 shelters.

The handling of asylym seekers has divided Chicago’s City Council.

Purchasing an abandoned retail property to build a Morgan Park shelter for migrants was derailed by a group of frustrated alderpeople Wednesday, some saying the money spent on migrants could be given to communities in need.

The discussion led to a call for a special city council vote regarding whether Chicago should keep its status as a sanctuary city.

A group of council members wants to put the question to a voter referendum on the March ballot.