CHICAGO — Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson continues his tour to meet local leaders, including Gov. JB Pritzker.

The two met Friday behind closed doors to talk about future plans of working together as they prepare for the mayoral transition.

“I want to be clear to everybody we share a lot in common, our desire to lift up the people of the City of Chicago to make sure we’re addressing the most urgent issues,” Pritzker said.

The governor said they both prioritize growing the economy of the city through job creation and entrepreneurship, which in turn, helps the state.

“It’s great to have a real partner to not only rebuild our city, but make sure individuals who wish to be small business owners and large corporations can actually have a city that works,” Johnson said.

While Pritzker said the two didn’t discuss Johnson’s tax plan, they did talk about the city’s budget and making investments in Chicago neighborhoods.

“That quite frankly, it’s been short for too long, so I’ve very much been impressed by the governor’s compassion and live,” Johnson said.

Pritzker said he belives Johnson wants to similarly serve Chicagoans while balancing the budget at the same time.

“I do know that the challenge of finding balance between expenditures and revenue is not lost on me,” Pritzker said.

Both took questions from reporters after the meeting, including one about an aviation fuel tax Johnson proposed and whether Pritzker supports it.

“We haven’t talked about any of those issues, but I will say the general assembly is in full force,” Pritzker said.

Johnson said he recognizes the importance of collaboration between the leaders in Chicago and Springfield and looks forward to that when he’s in office.

Johnson met with former mayor Lori Lightfoot Thursday for more than an hour in a closed-door meeting. Johnson shared that Lightfoot gave him the advice to seize the moment and enjoy the opportunity to lead the city.

Lightfoot also promised Johnson a smooth transition of power.