CHICAGO — Local activists are rallying and marching Monday for immigrant rights in Chicago.

The “May Day” March is recognized nationally, it’s also known as International Workers Day.

May Day protest participants gathered in Union Park Monday morning and made their way to the Federal Plaza.

Organizers said they will be in recognition of immigrant workers and to deliver a letter to legislators demanding immigration reform and a path to citizenship.

Since last August, Chicago has welcomed more than 8,000 asylum seekers via bus and plane after being vetted in Texas.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott about the influx of arrivals, saying in part:

“I know by your actions that you either do not see or do not care about the trauma these migrants have already faced and continue to suffer under the humanitarian crisis you have created. But I beseech you anyway: treat these individuals with the respect and dignity that they deserve.”  

On May 11, Title 42 is expected to expire which allowed officials the ability to turn away those seeking asylum in the United States based on helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.