Massive wildfires in US West bring haze to Chicago area

Chicago News

CHICAGO — The Chicago area is seeing smoke from the wildfires raging in the Western US.

Low hanging clouds and smoke is making for a dark day across the city Wednesday. It may just look like overcast, but there’s also smoke lingering along the skyline.

Meteorologist say it can be difficult to differentiate the smoke and clouds but we are seeing a combination of two in the area.

Overnight Wednesday it was much more obvious. The moon turned a unique shade of yellow with a hint of orange.

It looked like a hazy fog fell over the city, but this is in fact smoke. It’s coming from the wild fires raging in the west.

There are about 80 large wildfires burning through 13 different states, including hard hit Oregon, California and Idaho.

More than 1.1 million acres have burned and the smoke has drifted across the country.

Meteorologists say this isn’t necessarily a rare phenomenon, but we have to have the perfect weather pattern for it to happen.

“We’ve got kind of an ideal situation for some of this smoke from various locations to be moving into our area we’ve got a decent high pressure so that’s allowing the winds to guide the smoke and its originating from various locations some of it is from California but also up in Canada, central Canada area,” said Brian Leatherwood, National Weather Service meteorologist.

The weather service says the smoke will linger for a few more days.

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