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CHICAGO — A peace march was held in South Shore Saturday, bringing community activists, organizations and police officers together to walk several blocks with a message and a mission.

South Shore is one of Chicago’s neighborhoods most plagued by gun violence, with frequent shootings and gunshots heard nearly every day.

“This is like a new type of thing, how we have to build our communities again. We have to build our block club,” Jennifer Edwards of Communities Organized to Win said.

Edwards is concentrating on rebuilding a sense of community through marches and events such as this one.

“Everyone’s coming together, I think it’s a good thing,” Edwards said.

The group is also walking past businesses along 71st Street, many of them shuttered as the block has been the scene of multiple shootings and murders in recent years. City leaders have often struggled to enlist the help to change.

“We can’t talk about the issues we have in our neighborhoods without being a part of the solution,” 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston said.