Man charged with attacking Chicago officer’s family dog in Mount Greenwood

Chicago News
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CHICAGO – A man was arrested Tuesday morning after allegedly attacking a Chicago police officer’s family dog.

Terese Arroyo has called Mount Greenwood home for years and she never felt unsafe until Tuesday morning.

Arroyo, the wife of a Chicago officer, was on her daily walk with 9-year-old boxer Rerun when she noticed something wrong.

She noticed a man, later identified as Junior Lacy, 34, walking at her and making noises toward her dog.

It didn’t just stop with noises. She believes Lacy noticed the police collar on the boxer.

“I was like, ‘ok this is real, he is not going to let me by him. He kept using profanity,” Arroyo said. “‘F this, F the police, I’ll kill all of them.'”

Arroyo said Lacy then picked up Rerun by the leash with the choke collar digging into her throat.

“I don’t even know if she was able to breathe or catch her breath at all, he continued to yell profanities about the police,” Arroyo said.

Finally, someone came out of a nearby shop and yelled at Lacy and he took off. Arroyo then told her husband what happened, who got on the radio. Lacy was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor assault and cruelty to animals.

Arroyo and the dog are okay, just shaken up.


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