Man accused of killing UIC student in parking garage due in court Thursday

Chicago News

CHICAGO — A man accused of killing a UIC student inside a campus parking garage last November is due back in court this week.

Donald Thurman is charged with brutally killing 19-year-old Ruth George and leaving her body inside a car in a Little Italy parking garage last November. 

Prosecutors say as George was heading back to her car around 1:30 a.m. on November 23, Thurman tried to talk to her but she ignored him. Video surveillance shows Thurman then following her inside and emerging about 35 minutes later.

The teen’s lifeless body was found later that day inside the family car. Her sisters tried to revive her, but she was already gone.

“Just because she ignores him he thought he had the right to come into this parking garage; not only did he criminally sexually assault her, he strangled her,” activist Raul Montes, Jr said of the case Sunday.

Thurman was arrested soon after George’s murder and records show he was actually out on parole at the time after serving two of six years for a 2016 armed robbery conviction.

Activists gathering outside the lot where George’s body was found called for justice in her case Sunday, arguing Thurman should not have been out of parole in the first place.

“This was a tragic event that took place here on a campus,” Montes said. “If he was not released early from that sentence, Ruth George would most likely be alive today to be with her family.”

Charged with first-degree murder and sexual assault in George’s death, Thurman was denied bail at the end of November last year. He’s due in court again Thursday at 9 a.m.


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