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CHICAGO — Quavon Ewing is accused of attacking three women in the span of 45 minutes one day after he appeared in a Cook County Court on a different charge and was released on nothing more than his signature and a promise to return to court, according to prosecutors.

Ewing is now charged with attempted kidnapping and aggravated battery for allegedly attempting to force two women into a van in the West Loop on Sunday. 

Prosecutors told a judge Wednesday that Ewing put one woman into a bear hug and began moaning and groaning while calling her “baby.”  The woman bit her attacker on the neck and got away.

In the second incident, 15 minutes later, prosecutors say Ewing grabbed a woman by the shoulders and attempted to push her into the van while repeatedly punching her. The woman got away when a witness intervened and the man fled.

Prosecutors say 15 minutes after the second attack, CTA surveillance video captured Ewing urinating in a CTA Blue Line station and then throwing a bottle of the urine on a woman.   

Prosecutors said two of the women later identified Ewing as their attacker in a photo line-up.

As the bond hearing started, Ewing asked the judge: “Can I make a statement?”  Judge Maryam Ahmad quickly fired back: “No, you may not.  We are going to do the talking.”  She then muted his microphone.   Judge Ahmad was the same judge who released Ewing on an I-Bond Saturday after police arrested him for failing to register as a sex offender.

After going through the charges and Ewing’s criminal history, which includes prior convictions and prison sentences for criminal sexual abuse, aggravated battery and criminal trespass to property, the judge called Ewing “real and present danger to the community” and set his bond on the most recent charges at $500,000. 

Ewing was required to register as a sex offender after his previous conviction but failed to do so prompting the Saturday court hearing in which he was released on an I-Bond.

Ewing’s defense attorney said his client suffers from bipolar and schizophrenia.