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CHICAGO — Community leaders from Little Village and Woodlawn are brainstorming to figure out the best way to support migrants moved to the old Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn.

About a dozen community members met Friday to outside the Little Village Community Council to figure out a solution to get those migrants from Woodlawn to Little Village.

“We know that Woodlawn has issues of their won and bringing in the migrants will be another issue on to their neighborhood,” Baltazar Enriquez, the president of the Little Village Community Council, said. “We want to help out by relieving them from these issues by working together.”

Community leaders said they hope Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will quickly reconsider moving the migrants to Woodlawn.

About 100 migrants were bused to the old school for shelter on Thursday.

Some community leaders said Woodlawn is not the most suitable place for the migrants to live.

They said they’re not surrounded by people who understand their culture and language and believe the migrants will have more access to resources, like transportation and jobs, in Little Village.

Leaders in Little Village said they’ve worked with immigrants for decades and know what’s best to help them adapt to Chicago.

They said the former former Paderewski Elementary School in the 2200 block of South Lawndale is an alternative option for shelter.

“I’ve gone to numerous city meetings about this and raised the question, did they seek out another location for this project to take place, and they said they did, but I don’t think so,” Carlas Prince Gilbert, a resident and business owner in Little Village, said.