CHICAGO — The Lincoln Park Zoo has revealed the names of their newest trio of baby lions.

Three male lion cubs playing at the Lincoln Park Zoo have recently been named. (Photo: Lincoln Park Zoo)

The three male lion cubs, named in partnership with Maasai community members in Tanzania, will be called Pesho, Sidai, and Lomelok. 

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Pesho means “an unexpected gift,” Sidai means “good,” and Lomelok means “sweet.”

The cubs recently met their dad, Jabari, about two months after mom, Zari, gave birth. The cubs also have an older brother named Pilipili, the zoo’s first-born lion cub in two decades, who recently celebrated his first birthday.

Officials say the cubs will remain behind the scenes for a few more weeks at the zoo before being introduced to the rest of the pride.

The trio of cubs arrived just a little over a year after the opening of the brand new Pepper Family Wildlife Center, taking the place of the historic Lion House built in 1912.