CHICAGO — One of the Lincoln Park Zoo’s newest lion cubs is recovering after undergoing extensive tests for a health issue. 

Lion cub Lomelok, which means “sweet,” has been having mobility challenges, which required additional observation from the zoo’s animal and veterinary care staff. With the help of MedVet Chicago, Lomelok underwent a series of advanced diagnostic tests, where initial bloodwork and radiology were inconclusive. 

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A CT scan and an MRI were performed Tuesday on the cub as a follow-up. Lomelok also received anti-inflammatory medication and a pain control injection.  

The zoo says he has recovered from the procedure and is now reunited with his mom Zari and his two other littermates.

While test results are pending, the zoo thanked supporters for their kind words.

Lomelok’s health and well-being will continue to be monitored closely, zoo officials said. Mom Zari gave birth to the new trio of cubs on Jan. 9.

The trio of cubs arrived just a little over a year after the opening of the brand new Pepper Family Wildlife Center, taking the place of the historic Lion House built in 1912.