Lawyer wandering the suburbs as ‘COVID-rex’ brings random joy to strangers

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GLENVIEW, Ill. — Lawyer Priti Nemani is all business in the office, with a reputation as a powerhouse attorney for female entrepreneurs. 

“i have been an attorney for about seven-and-a-half years… I know lawyers get a bad rep but in my experience we have an incredible ability to make people’s lives better,” Nemani said. 

But for the past few weeks, Nemani has been gaining a different kind of rep as she swaps the scale of justice for scales on her back. The petite 5’2″ attorney uses an inflatable costume to transform herself into a 6-foot tall t-rex. 

“When I saw how happy it made my neighbors and how happy it made my friends’ kids, I just knew it was something I have to share as much as I can,” Nemani said. 

She said she wasn’t expecting the reaction she got the first time she put on the costume and walked around her neighborhood, as neighbors and kids “went nuts” and stepped outside to check out the show.

“Some bubbles and some tunes and a dinosaur costume apparently brings lots of smiles to everyone,” Nemani said.

In a time when not many people are feeling much joy, the attorney began roaming the area every day as the “Corona-Rex.”

“I see how tough it is for parents right now. I don’t have kids but I see how hard it is for them,” Nemani said. “They’re juggling all these things.”

Nemani said she picked up the dino suit as a joke, never expecting to find this strange kind of fulfillment playing a prehistoric carnivore.

“Hopefully people will like lawyers a little more once they see a lawyer running around in a dinosaur costume,” Nemani said.

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