Lawsuit: Plainfield Central H.S. coaches knew about ‘Code Blue’ hazing

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CHICAGO  — A new lawsuit details an alleged hazing and sexual assault incident between members of the Plainfield Central High School football team.

The incident happened nearly two years ago in October of 2019. Four football players face misdemeanor battery charges. But this new civil lawsuit points fingers at the school district and football coaches for turning a blind eye.

The lawsuit claims two freshman football players were sexually assaulted with a broomstick during a hazing incident, calling “Code Blue.” It happened in the team’s locker room with no coaches present, but the complaint states coaches knew this type of hazing was common and allowed it to happen.

Attorneys say it’s been going on since at least 2014, and there are a countless number of other victims.

The lawsuit also alleges that the school district was not transparent about the incident, and failed to properly report or investigate it.

“They either covered their eyes to what was happening or they just ignored it so that it could continue to happen once again for the sake of a bonding experience and for a winning football record. And that should never be forsaken for the health of our children,” attorney Antonio Romanucci said.

WGN News has reached out to Plainfield School District for comment. A spokesperson said they do not comment on pending litigation and have not received or reviewed the lawsuit yet.

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