CHICAGO — At least two South Shore residents filed a lawsuit demanding the city to put an end to creating inhumane conditions for Chicagoans and migrants.

The group filed the suit back in May when hoping to prevent the former South Shore High School from being turned into a shelter for asylum seekers. Instead, the group wants to make sure the former high school is either reopened or used for community purposes only.

Additionally, the lawsuit asks Mayor Brandon Johnson to discontinue housing migrants in schools, city parks, and police stations, while providing transparency on how money is being spent on migrants.

Lastly, the group’s lawsuit states they want to see the migrants be treated humanely and not be sleeping on the floors of overcrowded police stations or tents.

According to city records, over 17,000 migrants have arrived since the city started receiving busloads of asylum seekers in August 2022. With 224 of the 332 buses delivering migrants to Chicago just in the last five months.

2,300 asylum seeker still remain at Chicago Police Department district headquarters waiting for shelter placement. Another 678 migrants are reportedly camped out at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

A spokesperson for the City’s Law Department declined to comment due to pending litigation.