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CHICAGO — The Lane Tech College Prep school council voted to discontinue the high school’s controversial Native American mascot.

The school has been home to the Lane Tech Indians — a Native American man wearing a feathered headdress — for more than 100 years. A petition was signed by over 1,000 asking the school to remove the mascot because it is racist and wrong.

The school council held a digital meeting Tuesday evening with opinions across the board.

After the petition was brought to the attention of school officials, the school council issued a survey. More than 9,000 people responded, and the vote was 52% in favor of discontinuing the mascot. About 75% of the current students were in favor of changing the Native American symbol.

“It is very clear what the indigenous population has been saying, it is very clear what our students have been saying,” Principal Brian Tennison said. “I take great pride in supporting them and voting no to continuing this.”

The vote is non-binding and is only a recommendation to the administration about the change.

There will be a committee formed to create the school’s new symbol.