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BRISTOL, Wis. — A Kenosha County police dog has returned to its handler days after being shot by a man connected to a Chicago homicide.

Riggs was shot as he took down the unidentified Chicago murder suspect last week. On Sunday, the dog was greeted by family, friends and colleagues just days after being injured on the job.

Deputy Terry Tifft, Rigg’s handler, believes the canine is a hero.

“The bullet actually traveled around the skull and out the back ear,” Tifft said. “When I first saw that he was shot, he took off running like any animal would do, and I got control of him and put him in the back of my truck and muzzled him up. He was scared.”

The shooting occurred as Kenosha Sheriff’s deputies confronted a murder suspect around 11:30 Thursday morning at a Bristol-area gas station. According to deputies, the offender ran off with a gun. Riggs pursued the suspect, taking him down. However, the man shot the dog in the head.

“I just flew to the vet to get him care and they stabilized him and everybody from the beginning to the end was so good to me,” Tifft said.

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Riggs spent his recovery time in Illinois. While the police dog could remain sidelined for three months, Tifft said that Riggs being alive and well is a miracle.

“As you can see, he’s a sweet dog. He did his job,” Tifft said. “He saved my life.”