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CHICAGO — Kanye West recently purchased his childhood home in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood.

West’s mother, Donda West, purchased the home back in the early 1980s and sold it 2004.

“It went through a lot of trouble after that,” said real estate reporter Dennis Rodkin. “It’s on South Shore Drive in the South Shore neighborhood. It went through foreclosure and several years ago a foundation that Kanye was involved with, but Rhymefest — one of Kanye’s collaborators — bought it.”

Rodkin said the plan from there was to build an “arts incubator,” but at some point that plan was scrapped.

“Then they announced ‘we’re going to have to tear the house down, because it would cost less to build a new one than to rehab this because it’s been empty for years,’” according to Rodkin.

Last month, permits were taken out for renovating the home. There had previously been a plan to demolish it.

West purchased the home for about $225,000. He’s looking at about another $60,000 in repairs, said Rodkin.

It is unclear what West plans to ultimately do with the home.