CHICAGO — The corruption trial for the “ComEd Four” are now in the hands of the jurors.

Federal prosecutors finished up their rebuttal argument Tuesday after six weeks of testimony and two days of closing arguments in the ComEd bribery trial.

“We’re not talking about amateurs here,” Assistant US Attorney Amar Bhachu tells jurors during rebuttal arguments. “They were not playing checkers, they were playing chess, and they were grandmasters of corruption.”

But defense attorneys have argued their clients did nothing wrong.

“Jay is a Chicago guy,” Attorney Mike Gillespie said, regarding his client, Jay Doherty. “And he has nothing to do with Springfield.  Zero. Not a thing.”

Defense attorneys argued their clients were engaged in legal and constitutionally-protected lobbying, but federal prosecutors are seeing it differently.

The four people on trial are former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s confidant Michael McClain, former ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore, former ComEd lobbyist John Hooker and former ComEd consultant Jay Doherty. All have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including bribery conspiracy.

Michael Madigan, the former House speaker, has not been in court and faces his own separate trial. But he’s been a key part of the evidence presented over 17 days.

Madigan was charged in 2022 with racketeering, bribery and other crimes. He’s denied wrongdoing. A year earlier, he resigned from the Legislature as the longest-serving House speaker in modern U.S. history amid speculation that he was a federal target.

The indictment accused Madigan, among other things, of reaping the benefits of private legal work illegally steered to his law firm.