CHICAGO — A judge overseeing the case involving the Little Village Discount Mall has ruled against the vendors.

While the judge may not have ruled in favor of the vendors, many of them remain hopeful for an agreement between the mall’s management and the property owners.

The vendors asked for an extension earlier this week after they received an eviction notice to be out by March 26.

“Even though we were not successful in the emergency injunction, we were able to get a little bit of an extension from the management and Novak so the mall will remain open this weekend,” Ald. Bryon Sigcho-Lopez said.

The parties will reconvene on Tuesday to try to come to an agreement with two parts.

First, the organizers are asking for at least 60% of mall vendors to stay for the next 25 years. Who stays and who goes is to be determined.

“The rationale will be in terms of need,” Sigcho-Lopez said. “Everybody has the same desire to stay, but by mutual agreement, the representative of the management and the vendors have agreed to work together to get to that point.”

Irais Miranda is a mall vendor and for the last 17 years, he has been selling musical instrumentals and audio equipment.

He is hopeful Tuesday will bring a positive result.

“Everybody, they don’t know the situation because one day we’re out and others we keep,” Miranda said. “But today, we are happy of the situation.”

In the second part of the agreement, vendors hope the other 40% will not go out of business and instead be given 10 weeks to relocate to a warehouse on 26th and Pulaski or another location, which at this time, Sigcho-Lopez said he won’t disclose until an agreement is reached.”

“We are prepared for different scenarios but if we are able to get the 10 weeks, I think that we will be in a good position,” Sigcho-Lopez said.

Some vendors have already chosen not to wait for a final decision and officially closed their stands.

Others have chosen to stay through the weekend and say they have boxes and packing equipment on standby while they wait for Tuesday’s decision.

Novak, the company that owns the property, had no new comment but told WGN-TV to “stay tuned.”