CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson joined Chicago Public School CEO Pedro Martinez on this last day of school for CPS.

Not only did they celebrate the Class of ‘23 they also took questions on a number of hot issues in Chicago.

They talked about the future of CPS and who will be the leaders but not before celebrating how much scholarship money students earned to continue their education.

“The district’s totals for  2023 is  more than $2 billion dollars,” Johnsons said.

Johnson and Martinez said students will be representing Chicago across the nation at universities and colleges as well as trade schools and at city colleges. The pair met briefly with students before the event. 

Johnson also fielded question on a number of other topics including reengaging with the Chicago Bears now that they are not solely focused on Arlington Heights. He said he wants a seat at the table with the team to a pathway forward to keep the Bears in Chicago.

Martinez was also asked about the state board of education sending multiple letters asking the district to stop using restraints and time outs on students with staff members who are not following state guidelines on training.

“We will make sure this is corrected and the program gets strengthen,” he said. “It’s been a challenge for the past few decades but we are going to fix it.”

The mayor was also asked if he thinks Martinez will stay on next year. He didn’t commit but did say the two have had some good conversations. Martinez saids he has not been shy about how excited he is about the mayors vision for CPS.