CHICAGO — At the news conference to introduce new general manager Chris Getz, White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has something to say about the investigation into the shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field on Friday night.

He told reporters at the ballpark that he believes there is “virtually no possibility” that the gunshots came from within the ballpark.

“I spoke to Superintendent (Fred) Waller from the police department last night and he authorized me to tell everybody that regardless of what has been said in the past by anybody, the police have not ruled out the possibility or the probability that the gunshots the other night came from outside the ballpark,” said Reinsdorf. “I don’t want to comment on the specific details because the police are still investigating, they haven’t come to a final conclusion, but we have done a lot of investigation, we’ve gathered a lot of facts, and without going into the detail, because I don’t want to influence the police decision, but the fact is, based on the information available to us, I see virtually no possibility that the gunshots came within the ballpark. It’s totally safe to be in this ballpark.

“I don’t think a gun has ever gotten past our security, and I think ultimately that will come out. I’m hopeful that the police department will complete their investigation as soon as possible.”

A 42-year-old woman was shot in the leg and a 26-year-old woman suffered a graze wound to her stomach during the White Sox contest with the Athletics. The game was allowed to continue despite the incident, though a postgame concert was canceled.

Reinsdorf’s statement contradicts that of Interim Supt. Waller on Monday, who believed at that time the shot was fired in the ballpark.

“[The shot] coming from outside is something that we’ve almost completely dispelled,” Waller said on Monday. “We’re looking at every avenue and exploring every lead,” Waller told reporters.

This is the first time a shooting has occurred inside the ballpark during a game since September 29, 1993.