CHICAGO — A large crowd of family and friends gathered outside the Corliss High School Friday night to honor fallen Chicago Firefighter Jermain Pelt.

John Pelt, Jermaine’s father, described his 49-year-old son as a great representation of the family and as someone who loved everybody, especially his family, which includes an adult daughter and six-year-old son.

“Jermaine is my hero,” John Pelt said. “God gave him to us for 49 years and in those 49 years, he achieved a whole lot.”

Along with serving as a firefighter, Pelt’s father said his son was a landlord, registered nurse and paramedic.

Tragically, the veteran firefighter who served the department for 18 years was killed Tuesday battling a house fire in West Pullman.

In spite of the tragedy, others who knew and loved Pelt said memories of his positive and kind spirit have helped them cope with the loss.

One day after Pelt’s death, 55-year-old Chicago Fire Lieutenant Jan Tchoryk also died during a call to fire on the Gold Coast.

Without a doubt, both men’s service, dedication and love to the city and their families and friends are cherished and deeply missed.

Jermaine Pelt’s Funeral service is scheduled for April 14 at House of Hope. The visitation is planned for 10 a.m. followed by the homegoing at 11 a.m. next Friday.