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CHICAGO — Governor JB Pritzker’s campaign for re-election stopped in the Loop Tuesday.

Pritzker visited Planned Parenthood where he continued to focus on reproductive rights as one of the central points to his campaign.

“I believe to my core that reproductive rights are human rights,” Pritzker said.

Lt. Governor candidate Stephanie Trussell represented the GOP ticket headed by Darren Bailey at a stop in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood.  She blamed Democrats for poverty and crime. 

“We have boarded up businesses, there’s trash on the streets and graffiti everywhere,” Trussell said. “This is not the Chicago of my childhood.”

“JB Pritzker doesn’t care about Garfield Park,” Trussell continued. “Pritzker doesn’t care about anyone suffering outside of his billionaire bubble.”

Pritzker offered a rebuttal to Trussell’s claims while at his campaign stop downtown.

“That’s ludicrous. Since I came into office … I’ve been focused on lifting up those who’ve been left out and left behind,” Pritzker said. “Let me be clear, it was Darren Bailey who voted against providing rent assistance or home owner’s assistance during the worst parts of the pandemic.”

A new poll by Victory Geek published this morning by the Illinoize showed Pritzker leading Bailey by 18 points.