‘It’s shelf after shelf’: Supt. Brown gives inside look into CPD’s illegal gun vault

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CHICAGO – CPD Supt. David Brown has spent a career in law enforcement, but bringing down the city’s gun crimes will be his greatest challenge.

He recently gave WGN an inside look at the amount of confiscated weapons his officers have taken off the streets.

“Another assault rifle, bin after bin, shelf after shelf,” Brown said.

When Supt. Brown signed on to be the top cop, he knew Chicago had been struggling to stop the rising tide of gun crimes.

“I knew that but the sheer numbers are staggering,” Brown said.

In his short time in the city, he’s learned the number of illegal guns officers have seized is enough to equip a third world country. Chicago is the nation’s illegal gun capital.

Supt. Brown believes a big part of the problem is gun offenders are getting a slap on the wrist. From the first arrest practically without consequences to repeat offenders, he said offenders just get out and pick up where they left off.

“Gun offenders become empowered,” Brown said. “They get emboldened. Until we hold them accountable and what I meant by that is they need to stay in jail longer and they need to have consequences for their action.”

Brown believes the county’s electronic monitoring program is useless.

“As you look at the electronic monitoring, the people who should be in jail, more and more are getting released,” Brown said. “Over 1,000 a year ago, over 3,000 this year. Some of those are violent offenders who either possess a gun or use a gun as part of their crime.”

Brown didn’t mince words describing the death of 10-year-old Lena Nunez and 1-year-old Sincere Gaston.

“These evil bastards,” Brown said.

He encourages citizens to come forward and work with police as a team, otherwise he said improving things will be nearly impossible. He recognizes some people are already doing that, but Brown said he needs more to do the same.

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