‘It’s certainly disappointing’: Mayor Lightfoot frustrated after rumors circulate on social media

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CHICAGO — Mayor Lightfoot addressed frustration over social media rumors saying she was going to resign over the weekend.

For a mayor challenged on multiple fronts, Lightfoot jabbed the media Monday after initially responded on Twitter.

“It’s certainly disappointing that something that something that is so salacious and false and goes against everything and who I am that some of you took seriously,” she said.

On Saturday, activist Ja’Mal Green posted and then deleted a tweet saying Mayor Lightfoot was going to resign.

The next day, Lightfoot’s Twitter account called the rumors “homophobic, racist, misogynistic.”

The mayor shared that she spoke with her 13-year-old daughter about the chatter.

“We were explaining to her and felt the need to explain to her – some of you put her in your mouths. She said, “Why are people so stupid and mean?” I said, ‘Unfortunately, honey, there are stupid and mean people out there,'” Lightfoot said.

A reporter used the chatter to ask Lightfoot if she plans to run for a second term.

“Can you let me get through my second year? I haven’t even gotten there yet,” she said.

As she nears completion of her second year, Lightfoot is still struggling curb Chicago crime. 

As a candidate, Lightfoot emphasized her policing and public safety credentials. She served as Police Board President and Chair of the Task Force on Police Accountability.

But crime and violence is worse today than when Lightfoot took office. Despite the challenges, Lightfoot insists she’s satisfied with the job police are doing under Superintendent David Brown. 

“The short version is yes I am but ask me if I’m satisfied with the job everyone who has responsibility for guns flowing into our city, and the answer is no,” Lightfoot said. “We are living in madness if we don’t step up and deal with this problem. So yes, I am very satisfied with what our police superintendent and police department are doing in an impossible environment.”

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