CHICAGO — After missing her precious violin for over a month due to a home break-in, an accomplished musician is delighted to get it back.

MingHuan Xu quickly canceled a West coast performance Tuesday after receiving a call from Chicago police.

“We got a call from our detective saying that we need you back as soon as possible,” she said.

She had to identify her stolen violin, which was taken during a home invasion in South Loop last month. Two other instruments of her family were recovered as well.

“They were mine. I could tell right away within seconds. But the most important thing is they were all in good condition,” Xu said.

Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, Xu’s 1758 Nicolas Gagliano violin was loaned to her by a private sponsor.

She was eager to test it out, so Xu performed an impromptu concert for the detectives.

“I live with my Gagliano, performed on it for more than 20 years, so it’s my voice through that instrument,” she said.” I think it’s a miracle.

She is set to perform at St. James Cathedral in downtown Chicago on June 28.