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CHICAGO — CPD’s marine unit busted into action Saturday evening after two women were critically injured in a rafting accident.

The accident happened around 5 p.m. in the no-wake zone north of Navy Pier, which is called “The Playpen.”

A boat backed over a floating rafted and two women were sucked under. Within minutes, CPD’s marine unit arrived on the scene to help the women, ages 28 and 34. One had serious injuries to her hands and the other had her feet severed.

“We pulled our vessel up to theirs. We got off the boat, we were able to get the victim. We threw the victim over our shoulders and transported that victim onto our boat,” officer Art Pachnik said.

Both women were brought to Navy Pier where they were then rushed to the hospital.

“Honestly, we’re trained to deal with situations like this. You want to say you’re ready, but when the time happens it’s just, you react,” officer Raul Echevaria said.

At this time, it’s unknown if anyone will be charged. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is investigating.